Mr. Simple Music Video

The Mr. Simple music video is even better than I expected. I really didn’t expect much, honestly, but I was so pleasantly surprised with what I got. I have to say Heechul, as usual, you are a sex god. However:

My observations:

Heechul’s dancing: TROLOLOLOLOL Heechul, you complete me. Luckily, my need for someone’s beautiful dancing skills is already taken by Hyuk and Geng (as I imagine him) because your dancing skills don’t quite fit the bill. In fact, you were more lazy with your dancing than you were in the 4th album music videos – and that’s saying something. I honestly think the only MV SuJu’s done where Hee has full energy is U, and that’s because Hanchul was oh-so-obvious.

Most Frequently Asked Question: “Who’s the guy with the blonde hair?” Well, actually, Siwon and Leeteuk had blonde hair and Wookie had strawberry blonde hair, but they weren’t PLATINUM blonde. Oh no, my squealing little girls, that’s the dancing king Lee Hyukjae, also known as Eunhyuk. Was he hard to recognize: no, not for me. But I’m just good at recognizing things. Was he sexy: Dude, what kind of question is that, of course he was! Was I digging the hair? Actually, no. I think it made him stand out, like Chullie does in lots of the MV’s, but I really don’t think it added to his looks. The only Asian dude who I think looks good platinum blonde is Geng. And that’s when it doesn’t have that AWEFUL yellow tint in it. However, for a lot of fangirls Hyukkie’s hair was the ultimate fangirl point. There was this one girl on youtube: “Can someone please tell me who the guy with the blonde hair is so that I can dedicate my life to him. Please.” My favourite Hyuk-point: HIS EYES. UNF.

MV Effects: I loved when Hyuk was doing his little dancy thing and he lifts his feet up, and we get a top view of him breaking some glass. I love that. That was sexy. The blue English “Blow Your Mind” was fabulous, much like the rest of the video, hehe (coughfabulouscough)
However, one thing that keeps bothering me is the concept. What kind of song that’s called MR. SIMPLE has hot guys dancing in colourful suits singing “blow your mind” and “JUST GRAB IT, GRAB IT”? I mean, I’m not complaining or anything, it just doesn’t make too much sense.

Donghae’s line: “JUST GRAB IT, GRAB IT”. What kind of English translator would put that in the song without knowing what dirty-minded fans would think of? None. So I guess we just have to hope: maybe he was talking to Eunhyuk.

Siwon’s hair: One word: LOVE.

Teaser: HEY!! I wanted some tied up Heechul and Kyu legs! I wanted some red Cinderella lips! I wanted some Wookie breaking out of a dinosaur egg!! Well actually, I didn’t really want that, but it was in the teaser. But seriously: TIED UP HEECHUL!!!! >.< How could you leave that out, SMEnt!! Ahem…

Also, no Kibum. That makes me sad. And no Geng and Kangin, but that was expected. Kibummie was gonna be here, and then Chullie would have more friends.

ANYWAY: I loved the MV. Very professional. Very Hot. Very Super Junior.

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